Tina Turner Turns 82

82 is coming up for Ms Tina Turner. This year, fans from all over the world will be gathering again to celebrate Tina’s birthday. This year, we’re setting up camp in Cologne, Germany – like in 2019.

We will celebrate on November 27, one day after The Queen of Rock’s actual birthday. And we’ll be rocking and rolling the night away at bar Altstadt-Theater im S√∂ckchen, right in the old center of town.

We will have Tina music all night long, special performances by Tina de Musical star Nyassa Alberta, musical actress Anastasia Bain and singers Peti van der Velde and Kirilee Dermott. The party is hosted by Ricardo M.. To make sure your name is on the guest list, please send us an email to info@tinaturnerparty.com.

Details about the party will be announced on the Facebook event page. You can also e-mail us if you have any questions.

This party is organized by Tina Turner fans, it is non-profit and is not associated with Tina Turner herself. Tina Turner will not attend the event.