2016: Tina77 in Amsterdam

The party in 2015 was so good that we again decided to continue celebrating Tina Turner and her music in Amsterdam,The Netherlands. Please use our Facebook group to interact with other TT fans and party people and check out our website where you can find answers to all your questions like:

This is an open event organized by fans for fans! Tina Turner won’t attend the party!

2015: Tina76 in Berlin

The second year in Berlin was as spectacular as the first one! The party was a real success thanks to organizers Marco & Sjef!

The beat of the drum is fading, the show comes to an end. The stage is clear and loaded, and the highway calls again…
Tina 75 – the fan party in honor of Tina Turner’s 75th birthday – is over. By now, all the guests have returned safely to their homes all around the world. You were many, and you came from everywhere. From Brazil to Norway and from the United States to Italy. For one weekend, Berlin turned into the Tina Turner capital of the world. We feel very honored that you all came and we are very touched that everybody contributed to the party. Whether through your donations, your performances on the stage, your interesting conversations or your help in organizing: you turned this party into everything we hope for and so much more.
On the Friday, we shared a meal together and rocked out to Tina concerts on the big screen. On Saturday, we all let our ‘inner Tina Turner’s’ shine during the dance party. Many new friendships were made and existing friendships solidified. Have a look back at the weekend by going through our photo album. And check out some of the wonderfully crazy performances from the Saturday night party on Anja’s YouTube channel.
We can’t thank you enough for a great weekend! We look forward to seeing you again real soon; at the latest next year for Tina Turner’s 76th birthday fan party!
Your hosts,
Marco and Sjef

2011 – 2013: Amsterdam

We started celebrating Tina Turner´s birthday in Amsterdam, organized a private party in a house in the city center and a bar with waterfront views and grew, and grew, and finally outgrew everything and started looking for a new place. The idea was to bring the party on the road. As it is absolutely mandatory to have local support we switched to Berlin. But who knows? Maybe you can help organizing the Tina Turner Birthday Fan Party in your city? We “only” need a bar or a small club to ourselves…