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You want to join us at the party, but you don’t know any other fans yet? Or you would simply like to know who else is coming? Or are you looking for a travel buddy? There are several ways to get in touch with other attendees before the party. We will welcome you with open arms!

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  • 2021 is here and we are in the middle of party planning for Saturday, November 27! Send us an email to if you want to attend the party! Performers will be announced shortly and we are just happy to see you all back again! #tina82

  • Hi Anja, even though i made arragements thats ok. Please put be on the waiting list. I love to attend this awesome event. Just being in Germany will be a thrill. But to attend the party would be a honor and meet all of you great people to do this party on a yearly basis. Even if i can’t attend I’ll be closer to my most favorite singer in the world. I saw the musical on Broadway and i did enjoy that one better than London.Adrienne Warren is amazing but there is only 1 real Tina Turner i went on Nov 7th thanks to my aunt who works for the United Nations and is considered to be high up since she works diectly with our President. Oprah and Woopie were there and so was Tina and Erwin along with many other stars something i will remember for life. Thank you

  • Horst Schmickler says:

    Hi there;
    I just read about this now…..
    Is it still possible to join this Party,
    would be so thrilled 😄

  • I hope i can attend,this awesome party, i had the privilege of meeting the great Tina Turner in concert in Switzerland and since my native american brother was part of her security detail i got her autographed photo and Tina’s manager authenicated it for me plus i got her back stage pass and a brown and gold jacket that has staff member on it. I love Tina,she’s friendly and very interesting. I have all her songs,and recently i voted for her for Music Achievement Award for the Grammy’s. I love to meet new people and party and i never been to Germany but i do want to go and have fun with the best people in the world.

    • Hi Deborah, please know that we got a guest list for the party. Unfortunately the maximum Occupancy of the party location was already reached. Please send us a mail to and we can put you on the waiting list. Please don’t book any flights for now. Cheers, Anja

    • I forgot i live in Conshohocken Pennsylvania,which is outside of Philadelphia,i have my passport ready since i work for the goverment and Tina turning 80 is something i don’t want to miss. This will be the biggest and best party ever can’t wait.

  • #tina80 is going to be E*P*I*C! The biggest fan party ever!

  • Tina 4 life!

  • Tina's FAN says:

    So, can you please confirm Tina won’t attend the event ? I mean you wouldn’t even try to contact her ? I think it’s almost impossible she will not be informed about this event.

    • Stephen Lindsay says:

      I dare say Tina is probably very aware of this special event celebrating her 80th birthday but you also have to be aware that Tina’s health hasn’t been great the last few years, she had a stroke a few years ago, had a kidney transplant and has had other serious operations, she needs and deserves her rest, I think its a wonderful way to celebrate her life and music but I wouldn’t expect her to attend this party, she has given us enough.

  • Everaldo Cavalheiro says:

    Friends! I’m from south Brazil and I will go to the party first. love Tina Turner.Kisses

  • do we see tina perform?

    • Dear Debra. This event is organized by and for Tina’s FANS. Tina herself is (unfortunately) not involved and will not attend the events, nor perform. You are however very welcome to join your fellow Tina fans for a fun weekend in Berlin. Hope to see you there!

  • ludovic QUEUDRAY says:

    we are french people, do you know french fan to tina thanks

    • Salut Ludovic ! Merci de nous avoir Ă©crit. Benjamin vient chaque annĂ©e de Lyon pour la fĂȘte pour Tina’s anniversaire. En 2013, il y avait Ă©galement une groupe de fans de Toulouse qui sont venues Ă  Amsterdam. Et nous, les organisateurs de la fĂȘte Ă  Berlin essaient Ă©galement de parler un peu de français… Donc, il y aura plusiers fans de Tina Ă  Berlin qui parlent français, et on espĂšre de te voire Ă  Berlin aussi !

    • My name`s Mynouche, I live in Norway and I`am Tina fan .
      I speak french,Norwegain, Portuguis and Ingle’s
      I will like to know how can I buy the ticket to Berlin, I really want to be there to see Tina
      please somebody tell…
      see you.

      • Dear Mynouche. Good to hear you are a big Tina fan. I must disappoint you: Tina Turner will not be at the party. This is a party organized by and for Tina’s fans, Tina herself is not involved. However, you are still more than welcome to attend. Details on the exact program will be announced later. Stay tuned!

  • Lutje Lauwens says:

    First thing to do in morning…..ask my boss to sign my vacation !

    I’m looking forward to see all of you again !


  • Hello all Tina worshippers!
    Even though it is only January, we are already looking forward to partying with you in Berlin this November. The preparations and the excitement before the event are half of the fun. We would like to hear from you: leave a comment here, join the Facebook group or contact us directly via e-mail.
    Until soon!
    Marco and Sjef.

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