TINA Sightseeing in Amsterdam

Tina Turner and the Windmills

Discover Tina Turner’s Amsterdam! Ever thought of discovering a city using historic Tina locations as your points of departure? In The Netherlands and esp. in Amsterdam, this is absolutely easy.

1979, Carré Theater

Back in May 1979, Tina Turner performed in a small theater called Carré which is quite in the center of the city and should be easy to be included in any visit of the city.

The Tina Turner Blog covered the event in an article and even has the audio from that evening.

Address: Amstel 115 /125, 1018 EM Amsterdam

1996, Ajax Amsterdam Stadium

During her “Wildest Dreams Tour” in support of the album of the same name, Tina stayed for three nights at the Ajax Amsterdam Stadium and sold out the venue each night.

The Tina Turner Blog also covered this event in an article which features a documentary of the “Wildest Dreams Tour”.

Address: ArenA Boulevard 1, 1101 Amsterdam

Dutch TV and TROS

The Dutch TV show TROS and its host Ivo Niehe is our most memorable source of Tina´s live appearances on Dutch TV.

In 1996, she performed among other songs also “GoldenEye”.

Being a rock star is not always fun because sometimes you have to present a new album at two different locations back-to-back. In 1999, Tina presented first “When The Heartache Is Over” in TV show I at and went then straight into the next studio for TV show II: the TROS TV Show.

If you want to see what went down during one of these many occasions just watch the following clip:

Address: To be honest, going to Amsterdam Arena is already quite a trip but checking out TV studios in the outskirts of the city or even in another city (for tax reasons) is not such a good idea.


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  1. Rhoda Donovan

    I would very much like to go to this event, particularly to meet Ta fans and to visit Europe. However, I do currently have a disabling disease, and require extra rest and help from others, & would need a power wheelchair &/or scooter to get about. Is there anyone with a pure heart and the means to help myself to safely and soundly get to, through and from this adventurous trip from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.?

    Prayers welcome!
    Thank you!
    As Ms.. Tina Turner repeatedly proved, Notbg is impossible!

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