Working Together We Can Make a Change

As fans of Tina Turner, we are all friends. And we all work together. So check out the coolest Tina Turner hotspots on the web that support and promote our party.

FB:  Join the Facebook event.

The Tina Turner Blog 

Organizer Ben’s Tina Turner Blog, check out the blog’s YoutubeFacebookTwitter accounts.

The International Tina Turner Fanclub

The website of the International Tina Turner Fanclub.

Marco’s Tina Turner recordings

Party organizer Marco is the biggest collector of rare Tina Turner recordings in the world.

FB: We want Tina Turner for Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award

Join the Facebook campaign to get Tina a well-deserved Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

FB: The Global Tina Turner Fanclub

Facebook’s most active Tina Turner discussion group.